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imlib2.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Imlib2 library.

Brief of imlib2 library

Definition in file imlib2.c.

#include "config.h"
#include <string.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include "common.h"
#include "colormod.h"
#include "image.h"
#include "scale.h"
#include "blend.h"
#include "span.h"
#include "file.h"
#include "updates.h"
#include "rgbadraw.h"
#include "Imlib2.h"
#include <ft2build.h>
#include "font.h"
#include "grad.h"
#include "rotate.h"
#include "filter.h"
#include "dynamic_filters.h"
#include "script.h"
#include <math.h>
#include "color_helpers.h"

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struct  _imlibcontext
struct  _imlibcontextitem


#define CAST_IMAGE(im, image)   (im) = (ImlibImage *)(image)
#define CHECK_PARAM_POINTER(func, sparam, param)
#define CHECK_PARAM_POINTER_RETURN(func, sparam, param, ret)
#define MAX(a, b)   (((a) > (b)) ? (a) : (b))
#define MIN(a, b)   (((a) < (b)) ? (a) : (b))


typedef void(* Imlib_Internal_Data_Destructor_Function )(void *, void *)
typedef void(* Imlib_Internal_Progress_Function )(void *, char, int, int, int, int)
typedef struct _imlibcontext ImlibContext
typedef struct _imlibcontextitem ImlibContextItem


void __imlib_free_context (ImlibContext *context)
void imlib_add_color_to_color_range (int distance_away)
void imlib_add_path_to_font_path (const char *path)
void imlib_apply_color_modifier (void)
void imlib_apply_color_modifier_to_rectangle (int x, int y, int width, int height)
void imlib_apply_filter (char *script,...)
void imlib_blend_image_onto_image (Imlib_Image source_image, char merge_alpha, int source_x, int source_y, int source_width, int source_height, int destination_x, int destination_y, int destination_width, int destination_height)
void imlib_blend_image_onto_image_at_angle (Imlib_Image source_image, char merge_alpha, int source_x, int source_y, int source_width, int source_height, int destination_x, int destination_y, int angle_x, int angle_y)
void imlib_blend_image_onto_image_skewed (Imlib_Image source_image, char merge_alpha, int source_x, int source_y, int source_width, int source_height, int destination_x, int destination_y, int h_angle_x, int h_angle_y, int v_angle_x, int v_angle_y)
Imlib_Image imlib_clone_image (void)
void imlib_context_free (Imlib_Context context)
Imlib_Context imlib_context_get (void)
double imlib_context_get_angle (void)
char imlib_context_get_anti_alias (void)
char imlib_context_get_blend (void)
void imlib_context_get_cliprect (int *x, int *y, int *w, int *h)
void imlib_context_get_color (int *red, int *green, int *blue, int *alpha)
void imlib_context_get_color_cmya (int *cyan, int *magenta, int *yellow, int *alpha)
void imlib_context_get_color_hlsa (float *hue, float *lightness, float *saturation, int *alpha)
void imlib_context_get_color_hsva (float *hue, float *saturation, float *value, int *alpha)
Imlib_Color_Modifier imlib_context_get_color_modifier (void)
Imlib_Color_Range imlib_context_get_color_range (void)
Imlib_Text_Direction imlib_context_get_direction (void)
char imlib_context_get_dither (void)
char imlib_context_get_dither_mask (void)
Imlib_Filter imlib_context_get_filter (void)
Imlib_Font imlib_context_get_font (void)
Imlib_Image imlib_context_get_image (void)
Imlib_Color * imlib_context_get_imlib_color (void)
Imlib_Operation imlib_context_get_operation (void)
Imlib_Progress_Function imlib_context_get_progress_function (void)
char imlib_context_get_progress_granularity (void)
Imlib_TTF_Encoding imlib_context_get_TTF_encoding (void)
Imlib_Context imlib_context_new (void)
void imlib_context_pop (void)
void imlib_context_push (Imlib_Context context)
void imlib_context_set_angle (double angle)
void imlib_context_set_anti_alias (char anti_alias)
void imlib_context_set_blend (char blend)
void imlib_context_set_cliprect (int x, int y, int w, int h)
void imlib_context_set_color (int red, int green, int blue, int alpha)
void imlib_context_set_color_cmya (int cyan, int magenta, int yellow, int alpha)
void imlib_context_set_color_hlsa (float hue, float lightness, float saturation, int alpha)
void imlib_context_set_color_hsva (float hue, float saturation, float value, int alpha)
void imlib_context_set_color_modifier (Imlib_Color_Modifier color_modifier)
void imlib_context_set_color_range (Imlib_Color_Range color_range)
void imlib_context_set_direction (Imlib_Text_Direction direction)
void imlib_context_set_dither (char dither)
void imlib_context_set_dither_mask (char dither_mask)
void imlib_context_set_filter (Imlib_Filter filter)
void imlib_context_set_font (Imlib_Font font)
void imlib_context_set_image (Imlib_Image image)
void imlib_context_set_operation (Imlib_Operation operation)
void imlib_context_set_progress_function (Imlib_Progress_Function progress_function)
void imlib_context_set_progress_granularity (char progress_granularity)
void imlib_context_set_TTF_encoding (Imlib_TTF_Encoding encoding)
Imlib_Color_Modifier imlib_create_color_modifier (void)
Imlib_Color_Range imlib_create_color_range (void)
Imlib_Image imlib_create_cropped_image (int x, int y, int width, int height)
Imlib_Image imlib_create_cropped_scaled_image (int source_x, int source_y, int source_width, int source_height, int destination_width, int destination_height)
Imlib_Filter imlib_create_filter (int initsize)
Imlib_Image imlib_create_image (int width, int height)
Imlib_Image imlib_create_image_using_copied_data (int width, int height, DATA32 *data)
Imlib_Image imlib_create_image_using_data (int width, int height, DATA32 *data)
Imlib_Image imlib_create_rotated_image (double angle)
void imlib_filter_constants (int a, int r, int g, int b)
void imlib_filter_divisors (int a, int r, int g, int b)
void imlib_filter_set (int xoff, int yoff, int a, int r, int g, int b)
void imlib_filter_set_alpha (int xoff, int yoff, int a, int r, int g, int b)
void imlib_filter_set_blue (int xoff, int yoff, int a, int r, int g, int b)
void imlib_filter_set_green (int xoff, int yoff, int a, int r, int g, int b)
void imlib_filter_set_red (int xoff, int yoff, int a, int r, int g, int b)
void imlib_flush_font_cache (void)
void imlib_flush_loaders (void)
void imlib_free_color_modifier (void)
void imlib_free_color_range (void)
void imlib_free_filter (void)
void imlib_free_font (void)
void imlib_free_font_list (char **font_list, int number)
void imlib_free_image (void)
void imlib_free_image_and_decache (void)
int imlib_get_cache_size (void)
void imlib_get_color_modifier_tables (DATA8 *red_table, DATA8 *green_table, DATA8 *blue_table, DATA8 *alpha_table)
int imlib_get_color_usage (void)
int imlib_get_font_ascent (void)
int imlib_get_font_cache_size (void)
int imlib_get_font_descent (void)
int imlib_get_maximum_font_ascent (void)
int imlib_get_maximum_font_descent (void)
void imlib_get_text_advance (const char *text, int *horizontal_advance_return, int *vertical_advance_return)
int imlib_get_text_inset (const char *text)
void imlib_get_text_size (const char *text, int *width_return, int *height_return)
void imlib_image_attach_data_value (const char *key, void *data, int value, Imlib_Internal_Data_Destructor_Function destructor_function)
void imlib_image_blur (int radius)
void imlib_image_clear (void)
void imlib_image_clear_color (int r, int g, int b, int a)
void imlib_image_copy_alpha_rectangle_to_image (Imlib_Image image_source, int x, int y, int width, int height, int destination_x, int destination_y)
void imlib_image_copy_alpha_to_image (Imlib_Image image_source, int x, int y)
void imlib_image_copy_rect (int x, int y, int width, int height, int new_x, int new_y)
void imlib_image_draw_ellipse (int xc, int yc, int a, int b)
Imlib_Updates imlib_image_draw_line (int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, char make_updates)
Imlib_Updates imlib_image_draw_pixel (int x, int y, char make_updates)
void imlib_image_draw_polygon (ImlibPolygon poly, unsigned char closed)
void imlib_image_draw_rectangle (int x, int y, int width, int height)
void imlib_image_fill_color_range_rectangle (int x, int y, int width, int height, double angle)
void imlib_image_fill_ellipse (int xc, int yc, int a, int b)
void imlib_image_fill_hsva_color_range_rectangle (int x, int y, int width, int height, double angle)
void imlib_image_fill_polygon (ImlibPolygon poly)
void imlib_image_fill_rectangle (int x, int y, int width, int height)
void imlib_image_filter (void)
void imlib_image_flip_diagonal (void)
void imlib_image_flip_horizontal (void)
void imlib_image_flip_vertical (void)
char * imlib_image_format (void)
void * imlib_image_get_attached_data (const char *key)
int imlib_image_get_attached_value (const char *key)
void imlib_image_get_border (Imlib_Border *border)
DATA32 * imlib_image_get_data (void)
DATA32 * imlib_image_get_data_for_reading_only (void)
const char * imlib_image_get_filename (void)
int imlib_image_get_height (void)
int imlib_image_get_width (void)
char imlib_image_has_alpha (void)
void imlib_image_orientate (int orientation)
void imlib_image_put_back_data (DATA32 *data)
void imlib_image_query_pixel (int x, int y, Imlib_Color *color_return)
void imlib_image_query_pixel_cmya (int x, int y, int *cyan, int *magenta, int *yellow, int *alpha)
void imlib_image_query_pixel_hlsa (int x, int y, float *hue, float *lightness, float *saturation, int *alpha)
void imlib_image_query_pixel_hsva (int x, int y, float *hue, float *saturation, float *value, int *alpha)
void imlib_image_remove_and_free_attached_data_value (const char *key)
void imlib_image_remove_attached_data_value (const char *key)
void imlib_image_scroll_rect (int x, int y, int width, int height, int delta_x, int delta_y)
void imlib_image_set_border (Imlib_Border *border)
void imlib_image_set_changes_on_disk (void)
void imlib_image_set_format (const char *format)
void imlib_image_set_has_alpha (char has_alpha)
void imlib_image_set_irrelevant_alpha (char irrelevant)
void imlib_image_set_irrelevant_border (char irrelevant)
void imlib_image_set_irrelevant_format (char irrelevant)
void imlib_image_sharpen (int radius)
void imlib_image_tile (void)
void imlib_image_tile_horizontal (void)
void imlib_image_tile_vertical (void)
char ** imlib_list_font_path (int *number_return)
char ** imlib_list_fonts (int *number_return)
Imlib_Font imlib_load_font (const char *font_name)
Imlib_Image imlib_load_image (const char *file)
Imlib_Image imlib_load_image_immediately (const char *file)
Imlib_Image imlib_load_image_immediately_without_cache (const char *file)
Imlib_Image imlib_load_image_with_error_return (const char *file, Imlib_Load_Error *error_return)
Imlib_Image imlib_load_image_without_cache (const char *file)
void imlib_modify_color_modifier_brightness (double brightness_value)
void imlib_modify_color_modifier_contrast (double contrast_value)
void imlib_modify_color_modifier_gamma (double gamma_value)
void imlib_polygon_add_point (ImlibPolygon poly, int x, int y)
unsigned char imlib_polygon_contains_point (ImlibPolygon poly, int x, int y)
void imlib_polygon_free (ImlibPolygon poly)
void imlib_polygon_get_bounds (ImlibPolygon poly, int *px1, int *py1, int *px2, int *py2)
ImlibPolygon imlib_polygon_new (void)
void imlib_remove_path_from_font_path (const char *path)
void imlib_reset_color_modifier (void)
void imlib_rotate_image_from_buffer (double angle, Imlib_Image source_image)
void imlib_save_image (const char *filename)
void imlib_save_image_with_error_return (const char *filename, Imlib_Load_Error *error_return)
void imlib_set_cache_size (int bytes)
void imlib_set_color_modifier_tables (DATA8 *red_table, DATA8 *green_table, DATA8 *blue_table, DATA8 *alpha_table)
void imlib_set_color_usage (int max)
void imlib_set_font_cache_size (int bytes)
void imlib_text_draw (int x, int y, const char *text)
void imlib_text_draw_with_return_metrics (int x, int y, const char *text, int *width_return, int *height_return, int *horizontal_advance_return, int *vertical_advance_return)
int imlib_text_get_index_and_location (const char *text, int x, int y, int *char_x_return, int *char_y_return, int *char_width_return, int *char_height_return)
void imlib_text_get_location_at_index (const char *text, int index, int *char_x_return, int *char_y_return, int *char_width_return, int *char_height_return)
Imlib_Updates imlib_update_append_rect (Imlib_Updates updates, int x, int y, int w, int h)
Imlib_Updates imlib_updates_append_updates (Imlib_Updates updates, Imlib_Updates appended_updates)
Imlib_Updates imlib_updates_clone (Imlib_Updates updates)
void imlib_updates_free (Imlib_Updates updates)
void imlib_updates_get_coordinates (Imlib_Updates updates, int *x_return, int *y_return, int *width_return, int *height_return)
Imlib_Updates imlib_updates_get_next (Imlib_Updates updates)
Imlib_Updates imlib_updates_init (void)
Imlib_Updates imlib_updates_merge (Imlib_Updates updates, int w, int h)
Imlib_Updates imlib_updates_merge_for_rendering (Imlib_Updates updates, int w, int h)
void imlib_updates_set_coordinates (Imlib_Updates updates, int x, int y, int width, int height)


static ImlibContextItem * contexts = NULL
static ImlibContext * ctx = NULL

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