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char** imlib_list_font_path ( int *  number_return  ) 

number_return Number of paths in the list.
A list of strings.
Returns a list of strings that are the directories in the font path. Do not free this list or change it in any way. If you add or delete members of the font path this list will be invalid. If you intend to use this list later duplicate it for your own use. The number of elements in the array of strings is put into number_return.

Definition at line 3808 of file imlib2.c.

   if (!ctx)
      ctx = imlib_context_new();
   CHECK_PARAM_POINTER_RETURN("imlib_list_font_path", "number_return",
                              number_return, NULL);
   return imlib_font_list_font_path(number_return);

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