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void imlib_image_get_border ( Imlib_Border *  border  ) 

border The border of the image.
Fills the Imlib_Border structure to which border points to with the values of the border of the current context image. The border is the area at the edge of the image that does not scale with the rest of the image when resized - the borders remain constant in size. This is useful for scaling bevels at the edge of images differently to the image center.

Definition at line 2029 of file imlib2.c.

   ImlibImage         *im;

   if (!ctx)
      ctx = imlib_context_new();
   CHECK_PARAM_POINTER("imlib_image_get_border", "image", ctx->image);
   CHECK_PARAM_POINTER("imlib_image_get_border", "border", border);
   CAST_IMAGE(im, ctx->image);
   border->left = im->border.left;
   border->right = im->border.right;
   border->top = im->border.top;
   border->bottom = im->border.bottom;

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