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void imlib_context_set_color ( int  red,
int  green,
int  blue,
int  alpha 

red Red channel of the current color.
green Green channel of the current color.
blue Blue channel of the current color.
alpha Alpha channel of the current color.
Sets the color with which text, lines and rectangles are drawn when being rendered onto an image. Values for red, green, blue and alpha are between 0 and 255 - any other values have undefined results.

Definition at line 1235 of file imlib2.c.

Referenced by imlib_context_set_color_hlsa(), and imlib_context_set_color_hsva().

   if (!ctx)
      ctx = imlib_context_new();
   ctx->color.red = red;
   ctx->color.green = green;
   ctx->color.blue = blue;
   ctx->color.alpha = alpha;

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