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void imlib_set_color_modifier_tables ( DATA8 *  red_table,
DATA8 *  green_table,
DATA8 *  blue_table,
DATA8 *  alpha_table 

red_table An array of DATA8.
green_table An array of DATA8.
blue_table An array of DATA8.
alpha_table An array of DATA8.
Explicitly copies the mapping tables from the table pointers passed into this function into those of the current color modifier. Tables are 256 entry arrays of DATA8 which are a mapping of that channel value to a new channel value. A normal mapping would be linear (v[0] = 0, v[10] = 10, v[50] = 50, v[200] = 200, v[255] = 255).

Definition at line 4256 of file imlib2.c.

   if (!ctx)
      ctx = imlib_context_new();
   CHECK_PARAM_POINTER("imlib_set_color_modifier_tables", "color_modifier",
   __imlib_CmodSetTables((ImlibColorModifier *) ctx->color_modifier,
                         red_table, green_table, blue_table, alpha_table);

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